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The #1 discord group for all of your sneaker bot and sneaker tool needs. We provide 10+ of the top sneaker bots & tools online at the most affordable price. We provide some of the top bot names newbies and experienced users can successfully cop with. Along with sneaker bots we also provide the tools needed to easily convert profiles from bot to bot and also help increases chances on Nike, Adidas, Shopify sites and other sneaker sites. All programs includes future updates + guides.



Project Destroyer







SEI Autofill (Chrome Extension)




AIO Bot V2

& MORE being added all the time

Full Access (All Bots & Software)$200 One-Time Entrance Fee$15/Monthly


Fast Support Team

Need help to make sure you cop? Our support team is always there for you with our 3hr Avg. Support Reply time. The fastest in the industry!

Never Pay Resale

Why pay resale that’s sometimes over 7x retail price? Get that Yeezy Boost 350 at $200 not $1400! Cop at retail for your collection then feel free to become a reseller yourself!

So what does Sneaker Bots actually do?

Sneaker Bots will add to cart the shoe you want whether it’s a Yeezy Boost 350, a Yeezy Boost 950, or any other limited edition sneaker.Bot will keep trying to add to cart even if the website crashes AIO Bot will keep trying to checkout until it succeeds, even if the website crashes.Bot notifies you by email or SMS to let you know you’ve copped the shoe.

No More Long Lines

Don't spend hours standing in a long line to cop a shoe that you may not have the chance to get even waiting hours. Cop a sneaker bot and increase your chances today.

Constant updates

constantly updated bots for every release to make sure you have the best chances of copping.

Cop Multiple Hyped pairs!

Some sites allow only 1 per customer, we help you cop multiple hyped pairs for your collection or so you can resell!

Join The #1 Discord For Affordable Bots

No need to go any further. This is the place you want to be for all of your Sneaker bot and Sneaker Tool needs. Increase your chances of copping today. One solid monthly price.

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